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The mobile home at the end of the garden has had a complete revamp and is now home to Tinkerin Myndz HQ which specialises in bespoke children's parties, as well as art and craft workshops, whilst concentrating on children's mental health. 

The space is proving to be extremely versatile. It now also houses its own WC facilities.

The exterior is in the process of being repainted.

Work on both the front and rear gardens is also ongoing. (Photo's to follow).

12th April

The new workshop is now complete and includes lighting and electrical sockets, as well as a large work bench and a solid fuel stove for those cold winter days. 
The shop exterior has had a new bright green coat of paint, with a lovely bright pink canopy over the shop window. 
The interior of the shop has also been refitted with new lighting etc. and is now very in keeping with the theme of our business, Cottage Garden Craftworks & The World of Fairies craft and gift shop. It has become a quirky, enchanting space of discovery and enlightenment. 
which has proved very successful up until the pandemic outbreak. 
We are currently only open with our Online shop.

Property Sale on Hold

Due to the current world wide pandemic we have decided to take our property off the market for the time being. 

We are using this time to make some alterations and additions to the property. 

If you have any questions regarding our property during this period, please do not hesitate to contact us.


27th June

So much has happened since our last post...

The World's 1st Self Catering Pub recently hosted it's very first wedding afters.
As if that wasn't a special enough occasion, it also happened to be the 1st wedding of our 3 children, our son Zack and his beautiful wife Emily. 

We'd almost forgotten how much we thoroughly enjoy using Conroy's for our own pleasure. It was so nice to once again see Conroy's Old Bar bustling with joy and laughter, a vision of days gone by. 

The celebrations extended into the garden too, where the removal of the old turf shed sometime ago, meant we were able to erect a marquee and still have plenty of space on the lawn for the children to play. It was such a wonderful weekend, where precious memories were made.

And as if that wasn't enough, 2 weeks later we did it all again!.. this time celebrating our middle grand daughters 1st Holy Communion. But this time with a marquee AND huge bouncy castle in the garden.... what fun!

Other updates....

Dave's new workshop is at long last proving it's worth. He's thoroughly enjoying the new space and having somewhere to work and also having a separate workshop to store his wood etc. Although he's yet to be able to make anything in it that he intended, as we've been busy on another project....

The Shop - formerly my workshop.

A change in family circumstances has meant that we can now, once again, open up the shop and offer Fairy Folk Helper Workshops for children, as well as crafts and gifts. We found that in the past this worked very well in conjunction with Conroy's Old Bar, as we were able to offer "Holiday's With The Fairies" a huge hit for families and make full use of the newly revamped Fairy garden. 

And so the hard work has begun.... 

The inside of the shop has seen my working area reduced dramatically, but it does now mean that we can once again open up a larger area for the children's workshops and shelving for the crafts and gifts stock. It has all been newly decorated and new lighting has been fitted. The paint for the exterior has been purchased, and once the shelving has been fitted inside the shop, then the work on the outside will commence.

We hope to be open in a few weeks, all being well, when we'll post some pics of the finished article ;-)

21st April
Hits to the Conroy's Old Bar website have seen a large increase over the last couple of days, due to Conroy's being featured by The Irish Times Newspaper in their "50 Amazing Places To Stay Around Ireland" 
The article has several categories and Conroy's Old Bar features in the "For Romance" section. 
If you'd like to take a look, click on this link. (Conroy's is number 37).
As the weather has been so good, we've managed to make progress with work on the new workshop. There's just a little bit of painting to finish off on the exterior and some guttering to put up and then the outside will be complete. The electricity has been installed inside, as well as a new workbench fitted. Over the coming days we're hoping to fit the shelving and maybe even install an old stove.

6th March
We have now added floor plans of the whole property, to show how the property is situated on the land and the layout of rooms etc.

5th March.
We've made a couple up upgrades to Conroy's Old Bar lately. We've upgraded the shower in the shower room and the tv in the lounge has been upgraded from the little portable tv we had, to a new 32" flat screen tv - not that the guests we attract seem to use the tv a great deal, but still, it's an upgrade that certainly "looks" better and makes for better viewing, for the few that do use it anyway.

A few weeks ago an Italian newspaper published and article on unusual property in Ireland, and chose Conroy's Old Bar as one of the properties it featured. Not only did it create huge interest, but it was also picked up by other Italian newspapers and we are still getting interest from the article weeks on. Here's hoping the huge increase in hits on our website converts to lots of new bookings over the coming months/years ( click here to see the article).

The recent weather; wind, rain and even SNOW, has hampered our progress on our outdoor projects somewhat, but there is still "some" progress......thankfully ;-)

18th January.

So here's our 1st update of 2019!

We'd decided to book Conroy's out for the whole of Christmas and New Year, so that we as a family could enjoy our little pub with no beer all to ourselves for a change - just in case it happened to be our last Christmas here ;-)

It was wonderful to share quality time with our children and grandchildren in there, sat chatting around the bar, and playing games in front of the fire. We certainly made the most of it and we're so sad to have to move back into the house. But hey ho, needs must, but boy did it make us realise just how hard it is going to be to eventually leave this place.

In other updates, this weekend, (weather permitting) sees the start of the work to the front garden fence & vegetable garden. We're looking forward to giving it the long awaited revamp and TLC it deserves. We'll post photo's later so you can watch our progress.
On another note, here's an interesting read about buying unusual holiday let accommodation. It's from a UK based company, but the vast majority of the content is applies to Ireland too. Click here

19th December.
We now have a new turf and log store built in between the old workshops and the new workshop! 
It's a lot better than the old, cramped turf shed we had demolished in the summer. We can now have a full wagon load of turf delivered and have somewhere dry to store it all, no problem.

On the To Do List for 2019
Whilst we are waiting for the right buyer to come along, we are still upgrading and adding special touches to our property. Here's our plan for jobs we'd like to achieve in 2019.
Hedging - One of the first jobs of 2019 will be the replacing of the front garden fencing with some type of hedging, with a wind breaker attached, until the hedging is established.
Workshop - Putting the finishing touches to the workshop in the garden. Installing heating and electricity.
Front vegetable & flower garden - It is fair to say that the front vegetable and flower garden has taken a bit of a back seat over the last couple of years, but plans are now afoot to return it back to the very productive kitchen garden it has been in previous years. 
HSE Registered Kitchen & Our Own Range - In the new year we plan on having one of the kitchens in the property registered with the HSE. Once approval has been obtained, we will then be able to legally cook and sell our home baked produce, jams & chutneys etc. With the herb, flower and vegetable gardens back in production we will be starting our very own Cottage Garden Craftworks Range, which will be available for guests to buy in the World of Fairies Workshop (next door to Conroy's Old Bar). 
Painting of house exterior - As soon as the weather permits, we shall be power washing and painting the house exterior, front, side and back. We're not sure as yet as to whether we will keep it the same cream colour.
Building of a covered outdoor kitchen - We have long held the desire for a covered outdoor kitchen, with BBQ and pizza oven, and 2019 we plan on this dream finally coming to fruition. This area will also double up as a place to watch the fabulous sun sets from and for star gazing at the amazing nights sky with our telescope.
Installing an en-suite in the house - The works for this will probably start a lot later in the year, but it will be the first of a possible 3 en-suites.

Please note: Not all of these plans may have been achieved by the time of the right buyer for our property comes along. 
Also of note, as we continue to upgrade the property, the price will change accordingly, to reflect the upgrades and works done.

5th December.

We've certainly been busy over the last couple of months. 

We've finally managed to install the new stove, about 6 weeks ago and it is going down an absolute treat with guests. They are loving the ease of use, cleanliness and heat control they have, compared to an open fire.

In between guests leaving and arriving we've also managed to redecorate the snug bedroom and en-suite. We decided to keep the same colours as our guests (especially our repeat guests) love it so much.

We also managed to have some fun in between all of the work and booked the pub out for our own use, as we had our grand daughters 8th birthday to celebrate. 

And there was no better way to celebrate than to welcome into our little pub with no beer, it's very own Rosie the UNICORN!!!

To see the children's little faces was priceless! 

A UNICORN "IN" THE PUB ????......

Well... when you own The World's 1st Self Catering Pub...anything goes ;-)

24th September.

The summer - we actually had a proper one this year ;) has been wonderful here at Conroy's Old Bar. 

We've seen the return of some "regular" guests; which is always lovely, and we've also had the pleasure of lots of new guests, from places as far a Taiwan, Australia and Jerusalem, amongst lots of others closer to home. 

We had the pleasure of seeing our little pub with no beer feature on TV's Ireland AM once again. This time in an article on Ireland's unique accommodation. All free advertising, for which we definitely saw a boost in Airbnb and website hits and even had a couple of bookings come from it.

Our family celebrated our very first Holy Communion in Conroy's. It was lovely to have the opportunity to have our family, friends and neighbours celebrate with us at "home", which is one of our most favourite things about owning Conroy's Old Bar.

The "little old pub at the bottom of the garden" AKA new workshop/turf shed, is taking shape nicely, even though it's taking a lot longer than we had planned, due to us working around guests and work commitments, but the end is in sight and all being well it should be finished very soon. 

We have recently purchased a solid fuel stove with flue liner, which is due to be fitted in the lounge fireplace in Conroy's the coming weeks (once again having to work around guests etc). This should not only make the turf fire more controllable, safer and cleaner for guests to use, but also enable them to hold in the heat/fire overnight if required.

And finally, at last, we've had a new sign made to hang outside Conroy's. And here it is, hanging there quite proudly.

10th August.

We're currently in the process of rebuilding the "little pub" at the end of the garden, to be used as Dave's new workshop. It will have the benefit of electricity and a solid fuel stove, so it can be used all year round.

We have also demolished the old turf shed and got rid of the grey plastic shed too. It has really opened up this part of the garden. We're not quite sure what we'll be doing with this new found space yet, although some ideas have been to plant some fruit trees, or create another children's play area, or  perhaps a covered BBQ/gazebo type structure?.......

Admittedly, it's been slow but steady progress, as we have had to work between booked guests and had the restrictions of work too, but it's definitely taking shape. We'll post some photo's soon enough :-)

28th June.

The summer bookings have been coming in thick and fast, and this year we are looking forward to greeting some very interesting guests from China and Egypt.

We've been making the most of the fabulous weather by spending time working on the garden in-between guests. 

15th January.

Last week we were contacted by a journalist for the UK's Daily Mail Newspaper, who was writing a round-up  of  "brilliantly off-the-wall Airbnb listings" and wished to feature Conroy's Old Bar. 

We're currently waiting to see the finished article.

29th December.

Sorry! We totally forgot to post the photos of the final bedroom, which we'd recently redecorated.

You can now see them in the gallery, along with all of the others.

FREE Holiday Accommodation Around The GLOBE!!!

There are many wonderful benefits of owning The World's 1st Self Catering Pub, but who'd have thought that having FREE holiday accommodation anywhere in the world, would be one of them  ? 


We recently posted our holiday let to a couple of holiday accommodation swap groups on Facebook.

Within a matter of hours; we were inundated with offers for accommodation swaps from around the globe.

Here's just a few of the offer's we have received; A cottage in Cornwall U.K, an apartment in the Netherlands, an apartment in Bratislava, a beautiful property on the Gold Coast in Australia and not forgetting the most amazing property in the Southern Caribbean. 

Unfortunately for us, it is unlikely that we will get the chance to take up all of these offer's whilst we are still living here. But that does mean; that the new owners of our property could have some wonderful holiday opportunities heading their way. 

25th September.

Since our last post we have been contacted by a video producer/director for London based magazine, who would like to make a short film about Conroy's Old Bar. 

What an interesting future project for the new owners to be involved in and a fabulous opportunity for some great advertising, showing The World's 1st Self Catering Pub at it's best.

We've also have been busy decorating the last bedroom, which we are currently putting the finishing touches to. 

We'll post new photo's as soon as it's complete.

19th August. (Updated with link 25/09/17)

We were delighted to have been contacted by a New York journalist a couple of days ago, who is writing an article on Conroy's Old Bar, for no other than Lonely Planet

As soon as the article is published we will post a link here.

19th August. PM  (Updated with link 25/09/17)

We've just been contacted by a journalist from Ireland Before You Die who is writing an article on Ireland's most unique accommodation and would like to include Conroy's Old Bar.

As soon as the article has been published we shall post a link here.

17th August.

Started our online marketing today for Autumn & Winter bookings 2017/18.

16th August.

Imagine our delight, when 2 days ago our guests informed us that they had seen Conroy's Old Bar being discussed on the TV3 Breakfast Show! We didn't have a clue....!

We have yet to find a link to the article on the programme, but if/when we do, we'll be sure to post it here, for all to see.

Conroy's is still being featured and shared on the internet and in Newspapers, and now has had well over 25,000 shares globally. 

Over the last few days there has been a particular noticeable amount of shares in the USA and UK. 

Here are the links to the features on Conroy's, that we found today. BBC, Irish CentralThe Hook MagLenta

Belfast Live

10th August. 

Since going viral last week, Conroy's Old Bar has generated an immense amount of interest from all around the globe. 

Bookings, enquiries and listing views have all increased hugely, with a great interest for dates in 2018 & 2019.

The likes of  as well as many others, have shared Airbnb posts regarding Conroy's Old Bar. (click on each name to see their feature) It also featured this week on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Radio Show. 

To date there has been in excess of 20,000 shares over the past week alone, regarding Conroy's Old Bar - The World's 1st Self Catering Pub. We also did a telephone interview with The Irish Independent and The Daily Mirror also requested photo's for their newspaper. Conroy's also featured in The Irish Sun this week too.

3rd August. 

On 1st August shared a post on their Facebook page, about being able to "Rent an Entire Pub" through Airbnb. The Airbnb listing was for Conroy's Old Bar. 

The post was then shared to their sister page LovinDublin. 

From there it was posted on the Facebook page of At the time of writing this, this post alone had over 1.6k shares. 

Yesterday, it was then posted onto the Facebook page of . This post currently stands at 1.9k shares.

The total number of shares of our Airbnb listing, over the last 2 days, is now well over 4k!

We are already reaping the benefits of this advertising, in new enquiries and  bookings,  and our Airbnb listing has shown a very sharp rise in views. 

As the word is being spread far and wide, we hope to be reaping the benefits, for a long time to come.

25th July.  

New electric shower fitted in the shower room of Conroy's Old Bar.

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